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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  February 19, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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's 28 degrees here atop the mountain, the winds blowing up to 20 miles per hour. and look what i ran across. mike williams and also manny acosta. we saw them cycling up the 13 miles to 4200 feet in elevation. you guys are crazy. >> we decided to go camping last night and we didn't know it was going to be this snowy. we were expecting to come across a little but it turned into a little more than we were expecting. >> reporter: they made it up here before it started snowing. you cannot make it up now because the road will be officialsly closed. -- officially closed. it's a treacherous drive. i wouldn't recommend it. we are trying to figure out how we are going to be getting down from the 4200 feet elevation here. reporting atop mount hamilton where, yes, it's snowing, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. >> roberta and her photographer alex did make it down safely. track the storm anytime with our live pictures high-def
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doppler radar at our website, wait until you see how cold we get tonight. details in 10 minutes. >> thank you. a big day on wall street for google as its stock price set a new record. google shares were only $85 each when the ipo was issued in 2004. today google share prices closed above $800 an all-time high. mark sayre with more on the explosive growth and what it means for the bay area. >> reporter: elizabeth, according to the "wall street journal," google is only the fourth company ever to have this $800 stock price but despite that eye-popping number analysts say it's the ongoing work that the company is doing that's more important than the actual number. at the google plex at mountain mountain view, they are making
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big inroads in mobile computing. >> there are many one of these but there's only one google. >> reporter: he follows the tech industry for global equities research and says google has few peers when it comes to innovation. >> google has been doing phenomenally well when it comes to innovation. they are thinking big and bold. and they are thinking broad. those are the key recipes for success. >> reporter: they are dominant in digital ad revenue making mon in i with ads that run next to search computer -- making money with ads that run next to search queries. google makes money with the sponsored results that come up first in queries. >> google is showing that as long as you invest in your business, keep your ideas fresh, think very aggressively, and execute without patience you will do very well. >> reporter: today's milestone comes more than five years after google's stock first broke the $700 mark and some say it's a testament to the leadership of google cofounder larry page who took over the
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ceo title in april of 2011. as for the future? >> we'll continue to work for them unless the government takes their near monopoly power and crosses over things into a monopoly. both the european union and u.s. are looking at that now and they could take action to cut them back but short of that google is untouchable at the moment pretty much. >> reporter: now, despite again the $800 a share close, they are third in value, number two exxonmobil and number one apple. google reportedly considering taking a playbook from apple, a page from the playbook, by opening retail stores to sell going the branded hardware. those reports give no time frame for when google may enter the market. >> they keep reinventing themselves and expanding the brand. >> reporter: that's what makes them successful. no question about it. >> thank you, mark. the chp ready to pull out extra patrols from oakland unless the city can come up with the cash to pay for them.
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kpix 5 reporter ann notarangelo on what it would cost and where the money would come from. >> reporter: since patrolling the streets of oakland, the police department says in some cases violent crime is down and they don't want to mess with the momentum. reporter: november 1st, the chp joined additional local and federal law enforcement personnel to stop the escalating violent crime on oakland streets. they focused on the most dangerous crimes, homicides, shootings and robberies. >> sometimes they were in east oakland, sometimes in west oakland in high crime zones. and then the officers would stop and contact individuals who were engaged either in criminal activity or what appeared to be criminal activity. >> reporter: the chp initially paid for the extra patrols about $300,000 to $325,000 in overtime pay for three months but in january let the city know it couldn't continue. >> with our budget we have budget constraints that we have to operate within, and so that's what we're trying to do,
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be fiscally responsible with our designated budget. >> reporter: but the city wants them to stay so the oakland city council is considering spending $162,000 to continue the contract for another 60 days. >> anytime you can bring additional law enforcement resources to reduce crime, that's priceless. >> reporter: what can the city expect to get for that kind of money? in the past few months, the chp has made more than 2100 enforcement stops, issued nearly 1800 citations and arrested 288 people resulting in 349 charging incidents. 13 firearms have been recovered. more than 700 cars have been impounded. and 83 stolen vehicles were recovered. >> the numbers are very impressive. they have definitely made an i -- an impact in reducing crime with us. >> reporter: as of today there have been 12 homicides this year. last year at this time there were 17. they have also seen a reduction in shootings in the past
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several weeks. >> statistics show when we have focused our efforts using these additional resources in specific areas, we have seen crime reduction. >> reporter: in march there will be a temporary spike in the number of officers as some 45 new recruits from the police academy will join the patrols. >> we will still continue to see chp working alongside of us. so we're going to have those additional bodies and that additional enforcement out there and it's going to be good for everybody. >> reporter: the city council will vote tonight whether or not to extend the contract with the chp. if they decide to go ahead with it, some of the money could come from grants or the city may pick up the tab. >> ann, it's not like there are other law enforcement agencies that could pay to pick up their own tab like the sheriff's department. they would have to pay them, too, wouldn't they? >> reporter: you know, i'm not clear on who is footing the bill for everybody. in this case the chp was okay with splitting the bill for 90 days and then said it was too much. i don't know what's happening
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with the sheriff's department. but we have seen this a lot of times with these mutual aid agreements. the departments can only go so far. and then they have to say, you need to pay up. >> it's a lot of money. ann, thank you. a funeral is being held tonight for the first of four teenagers all members of an oakland family killed in a crash in southern california. the teenagers were headed back from a rugby tournament in las vegas when their car crashed near the town of mojave in kern county. our ken bastida reports, it was the first trip from their home without their parents. reporter: the cooking has begun. under a blue tarp the tongan community of east oakland is coming together in the face of tragedy. >> it's very hard. you know? for all four of them to be gone. >> reporter: four teenagers all from the same family were killed on monday afternoon as they returned home from a weekend rugby tournament in las
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vegas. 19-year-old george mo, his two cousins and rachel were all killed when their suv struck a center divider and overturned in california city southeast of bakersfield, another cousin survived the crash and says george, who was driving, simply fell asleep at the wheel. how are you coping with this? >> the only way i'm still moving around is i can't go home because if i go home, everything just seems -- >> i didn't want to believe it but now it's life reality just hits you. >> reporter: the kids were all involved with the local reggae music band. today their bandmates sat stunned. but most of all they loved rugby. they were all connected to the the rugby group with the sport in the community. >> these kids got to find out
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about it because their parents had played so their fathers, you know, had passed this gift to them. >> reporter: the teens had begged the parents to let them go to the tournament unsupervised. it was their first time traveling alone. but the parents agreed. but even now, despite the tragedy, they say they don't regret that decision. >> they said, you know, we allowed our kids to become adults and to do what they wanted to do and they loved rugby and that's why we allowed them to go on this trip. >> that was ken bastida reporting. san francisco police say a man shot and killed near alamo square appears to be the victim of a random attack. investigators say 23-year-old ernesto xe acosta was killed on february 10. they don't know who gunned him down or why. >> the victim in this case had no previous contact with police, no run-in. he was described as a free spirit who works hard and
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basically was a kind person. >> anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco police. if the takes were turned and there were heated moments and you were to have shoved your coach, would it have been a completely different outcome? >> coming up, how the cal player shoved by his coach responded to that question from our juliette goodrich. >> one neighborhood after another going from little known secret to kind of cool place to unaffordable. >> a bay area city full of changes. now what's behind a waterfront transformation. >> developing news out of the midwest. what caused this massive fire tonight in an upscale shopping district?
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midwest. at least 7 people are hurt and 3 unaccounted for after a massive explosion and a developing story out of the midwest.
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at least seven people are reported hurt, three are unaccounted for, after a massive explosion and fire in downtown kansas city. this is an upscale shopping and entertainment district. it also includes apartments, offices. apparently a car crashed into a gas main about two hours ago and that sparked a blast that could be heard blocks away and started this massive fire. it is just about out now. but it appears to have damaged an entire block. cal coach mike humidity and mike montgomery and a player he shoved are speaking out. juliette goodrich on the uc- berkeley campus on details on both trying to move past the shove. >> reporter: today coach mike montgomery was honest saying he has had some sleepless nights after this shoving incidents and all this attention. he talked publicly along with
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his player allen crabbe and they talked about the shove. the cal bears were trailing usc on sunday when emotions overtook cal coach mike montgomery. he was talking with star player allen crabbe. this video capturing the emotion and shove. a shove that's been the topic of focus the past 48 hours regarding coaches and players. >> it's obvious i made a mistake and i feel very badly about it. there is no place in sports that you can basically put your hands on one of your student athletes. >> reporter: shoved player allen crabbe and player of the week says there are no hard feelings. he just wants to move on. >> i didn't take anything negative out of the situation. i just felt like, you know, he was doing it to, you know, help me pick up my play. like i said, under the bridge. like i said, it's over with. >> but cal's director of athletics sandy barbour made it clear the shove was unacceptable. senator yee calling for a one- game suspension.
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but the university said no suspension. >> apologized to allen and apologized to the team. >> reporter: the cal shove isn't the only time a coach has let emotions get the best of them. and in the news conference i asked the player allen crabbe, i said, what would you do if the tables were turned and you shoved your coach? bobby knight acted up on the court and he received a suspension. >> it's something i deeply regret. something that won't happen again. couple of sleepless nights. >> if you would have shoved your coach would it having a different outcome? >> uhm, no. i wouldn't put my hands on my coach. >> reporter: and while crabbe said no, he wouldn't put his hands on his coach he said it's time to move forward. put the incident behind them.
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moving forward to this thursday's game in oregon. liz, they are five games left in the pac-12 and they are two games out of first place. >> wow, i'm curious, did they address the news conference how the other teammates felt about the shove? because it looks in that video that they are sort of getting on crabbe to encourage him and they are being physically aggressive i guess i should say. >> they certainly opened it up to questions today and they were very open about the shove, that they were very apologetic, put it behind them and past that they said no more questions, time to move on. >> all right. time to move on. thank you. a major announcement today about a new development in san francisco's pier 48. just across mccovey cove at at&t park. mike sugerman with details and what it means for the city.
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reporter: the mission rock project is one of the biggest but just the latest project happening. it should bring in 1,000 housing units, a million square feet of office space, a quarter million square feet of retail. the biggest and the latest project happening down here in the whole waterfront. >> it's been exciting to see that. >> reporter: what changes there have been and are still brewing? at&t park started the renaissance. mission bay a virtual brand-new neighborhood. the ucsf campus still going up where only the brave once went. there's a planned warriors arena up the road and down the road, literally there could be changes coming too. >> suddenly a place like dogpatch, which was beyond off the map, is next door to mission bay. >> reporter: this is dogpatch, the next neighborhood down. funky with abandoned rundown factories and home to the mobile homeless. also, trendy wine bars and restaurants. >> it's kind of in the sweet spot right now where there's all this cool stuff but it still feels kind of raw and
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still feels kind of easy-going. >> reporter: but gentrification is barreling south down 3rd street and it seems only a matter of time before this neighborhood explodes too. >> san francisco what you have seen over the last 30 years is one neighborhood after another going from little-known secret to kind of cool place to unaffordable. >> reporter: the question may be asked, when will all of san francisco be unaffordable for most people? it almost already is. and my photographer chris mistrot watching this newscast said, we should have bought google stock and we should have bought san francisco real estate. >> could a would a should a, ain't that the case? >> wish i did. >> thanks, mike. last week it was warm, paul, dry, gorgeous, kind of boring. what happened? today the full gamut, everything. >> it was not boring.
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we had a little bit of everything. this is good stuff. it's a tuesday, everybody is going back to work. why not get the rain out of the way and get some sunshine for the weekend? we need a blend of both and we certainly had some rainfall today. a little bit of pledged on the kpix 5 doppler radar doppler still watching a few snow showers above 2500 feet. but we are drying out los altos, campbell, san jose, los gatos, you had plenty of rain and hail earlier today and mountain snow fall. that's wrapping up. richmond the warmest spot i could find today, 53. oakland 51. livermore only hit 50. how about the upper 40s for highs for san rafael and san francisco and redwood city. rainfall downtown san francisco earlier today. it did not feel like it was 49 degrees outside. a little breezy, too. kind of a rough day to be outdoors, but we are cooling off tonight as we clear things out. watch out in san rafael, 36 degrees tomorrow morning. napa 3. concord 34. mid-30s for fremont and san
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jose. and redwood city, this is a return to winter. let's talk about the moisture moving out because the low pressure area that gave us the rainfall today is now pushing into southern california, los angeles, san diego getting some rainfall. but things wrapping up around here. low pressure still hanging out close enough to give us that northerly flow and with that, for the next several days, likely all the way through saturday, it will feel chilly. yes, we'll get up near 60 but with the breeze it won't feel that warm even with sunshine temperatures will be below normal for a while. highs tomorrow only the mid- 50s. livermore 56, partly sunny. san jose 57. pacifica 54. vallejo tomorrow 57 degrees with partly sunny skies. extended forecast closer to 60 on thursday, likely getting there on friday. slight chance of a shower on saturday and low 60s for sunday, monday and tuesday. so the sunshine and the 70s that we had last week, you have to fly to hawaii to get that now because we are going to be stuck in the 50s and 60s for a while. but it's not a bad place to be stuck. i've heard worse. >> a lot of people pay to come
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get stuck here. >> they will all weekend long. >> thank you. a symbolic sign unveiled today. coming up, how a bay area city hopes to benefit by giving drivers brand-new directions. >> kpix 5 the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day.
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new streets signs direct more customers to a newly formed "concord auto district." concord new auto officials and car dealers in contra costa county hope new street signs direct more customers to the newly formed concord auto district. new concord auto dealers generated more than $500 million in sales from october of 2011 to september of 2012 and continue to grow. city leaders say it's a win-win situation for everyone. >> when they sell cars, it
6:24 pm
helps the general fund which helps the residents here in concord because we're able to provide the services that are much-needed here. >> the partnership between the city and the auto dealers will continue in march with a launch of a new ad campaign. in addition to ads on radio and tv, the campaign also includes a dedicated website. if you are a bart rider, get ready to make room for more bikes. bikes and the riders will be allowed on all trains at all times for the week of march 18. the experiment is meant to determine whether cyclists and other commuters can coexist comfortably. bart tried it on a few fridays last august. next month's test could be the last step in permanently lifting peak hour bike bans. coming up in our next half hour, the vicious fallout from the freefall we showed you last week. >> no, not one person in skydiving would arrange something like this. >> why the skydiver who survived a parachute accident is now being blamed for what
6:25 pm
went wrong. it's a kpix 5 exclusive. >> we are going to do everything we can to find you, angel. we are. i swear we are. [ crying ] >> after days of looking, tonight how the search for an infant from monterey county came to an end. >> we were in the garage holding each other crying. >> once targets of christopher dorner, now a married police couple describe their days living in terror.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald call 911! >> his own camera captured the parachute accident that nearly killed him. >> i put my trust, you know, i put my life, on the line. >> tonight, why other skydivers blame him for what went wrong. >> nobody saw this coming. a nasty backlash against the man who survived a skydiving accident. >> in an exclusive report, kpix 5 brought you the skydiver's story last week. tonight, the man who almost died is now getting hate mail. it happened last summer on flores' 30th jump at skydive monterey bay. seconds after leaving the plane his parachute deployed
6:29 pm
prematurely and according to a federal investigation, improperly. >> they actually locked the parachute into a big pin. it was like a funnel. just started dropping. >> reporter: the tailspin lasted 20 minutes during which flores passed out. his gopro camera captured the fall. minutes after our story aired irate comments began pouring in all blaming flores for the accident specifically because he jumped with a camera. on his youtube website where he post the all his jumps the comments were vicious. i'm very disappointed that you are still alive, said one. you were rewarded with pain, stay out of my sky, said another. >> could have been something as simple as an email campaign to smear in flores. >> reporter: his attorney believes the skydiving community is demonizing flores to distract from the potential responsibility of the school. >> we do believe there's many violations by skydive monterey. the equipment was in a serious
6:30 pm
state of disrepair. >> reporter: an faa report found a critical velcro closing flap on the parachute container was completely worn. and the parachute's rigging had knots prompting the inspector to note, these lines should have been replaced. >> it's a report. it's subjective. >> reporter: after avoiding our interview requests for weeks, the school's jackie baric made herself available. >> any knots in the ricking is an event of how he deployed in the rigging. it's nothing that we had done prior to his job, absolutely not. >> reporter: as for the worn- out velcro. >> the way he landed with his container hitting the ground could wear out any number of things. >> reporter: she is convinced the main factor was flores' use of a camera. >> this is the way the camera flies. >> reporter: in a recent interview flores showed us how he placed that camera inside the glove of his left hand. >> so i still have my finger, my hand was never a problem. >> i had no idea we would never allow him to jump with a camera at his skill level. >> reporter: she says only very
6:31 pm
experienced skydivers use hand cams. >> this is very intrusive way to set this up and no, not one person in skydiving would arrange something like this. >> reporter: the u.s. pa's director of safety and training agrees. >> uspa has guidelines that people shouldn't jump with a camera with less than 200 jumps of speak. >> reporter: jim crouch admits it's a guideline not a regulation but -- >> throughout the years this system of guidelines has contributed to a tenfold reduction in fatalities in skydiving in the u.s. >> reporter: but uspa guidelines also suggest at least 100 jumps before skydiving above 15,000 feet. yet skydive monterey bay promotes the world's highest jumps at 18,000 feet. and baric confirms complete novices including flores oven jump from that height. the final faa report is still pending so we don't know exactly what caused flores' chute to deplore prematurely
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but the u.s. parachute association guidelines consider a premature deployment a serious incident especially for a novice. a missing 10-month-old girl from castroville has been found dead. the child was reported missing earlier this monday. her body was found after the mother's boyfriend jesus espinoza gave them a general description where she might be. he was arrested for the baby's murder in los angeles last night and moved to the monterey county jail in salinas this afternoon. well, in southern california, police are trying to figure out a motive for a chaotic 25-minute shooting spree in orange county. now, sheriffs blocked off this intersection as they investigated one of six crime scenes across the county. four people including the gunman are dead and several others wounded. investigators say it all started when officers responded to an apparent carjacking just after 5:00 this morning. >> they discovered a deceased female shot multiple times.
6:33 pm
they received information that the suspect, a male in his 20s had fled the location in an suv. >> and the suspect carjacked two vehicles killed both drivers and then opened fire on other drivers on the freeway. the shooting spree ended when the suspect was stopped by police. then he killed himself. the gunman is identified as 20- year-old ali syed. police say he lived at the home where the first victim was killed, however they are not related. new details about a former lapd cop's hit list. two christopher dorner's top targets are speaking out about their ordeal. a police captain, his wife and their six children were at the top of dorner's hit list. the couple says although they feared for their lives, they had to be strong for their children. >> we had a meeting place in our garage and that's where we shared information that we didn't want the kids to hear.
6:34 pm
on a few occasions we were in the garage holding each other crying and telling each other that we were scared. >> the captain was on the board that fired dorner back in 2008. police provided round the clock protection for the family around more than 50 others after they were named in dorner's manifesto. the week long manhunt for dorner ended a week ago near big bear. police say dorner killed himself after a shootout with deputies. a danville family is uprooted after a giant tree crushed their home. kpix 5's patrick sedillo shows us how the people in the house are trying to find the bright side. >> reporter: this is about all that's left of a huge tree that crashed through the roof of this multi-million dollar danville house. >> like the biggest earthquake i have ever experienced rumbling for 15 seconds. it was so loud. >> reporter: the tree toppled into the house yesterday afternoon. >> this is my dad's office, somewhat exposed.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: shelby burman was in her bedroom. >> i thought it was an earthquake. my tv and lights went off, everything went dark. >> reporter: this is the biggest chunk of the tree that fell into the home. it's at least 300 years old. three people were home at the time. no one was hurt. >> i thought it was an earthquake and then i realized, no, i think it's a doggone tree. >> reporter: mom wendy describes what she heard. >> it was just like a gigantic explosion right over my head. i was in the kitchen. >> reporter: are you insured? >> yes. we're insured. farmers. danville. >> reporter: the insurance adjustor has a lot on his plate this week. shelby's car was destroyed and hopes it's covered. and for now they have to find somewhere else to stay. they did have one scare. >> our cat, yeah, who we didn't find until this morning hiding under my parents's bed. they now have enough firewood to last a long time. wendy says her husband has one more thing on his honey do list. >> going to have a long summer of cutting this up.
6:36 pm
we are keeping busy. he won't be able to golf anymore. that is his golf cart. >> reporter: reporting from danville, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. getting paychecks while paying less for groceries. coming up, where hundreds of bay area jobs are up for grabs and you will save money on food. >> a hollywood type heist at an airport. how thieves ripped off $50 million worth of diamonds in just three minutes. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ]
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6:39 pm
far, no sign of the thieves. the white house is responding to a report that china is involved in ongoing plots to hack u.s. industry. the report released today by a u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers are housed in high-rises in and around shanghai. they allegely steal vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. and it appears that this is all being done with the cooperation of the chinese military. >> the united states and china are among the world's largest cyberactors and it is vital that we continue a sustained meaningful dialogue and work together to develop an understanding of acceptable behavior in cyberspace. >> in a new book google's chairman also calls out china for cyber-attacks. china has denied the allegations and is pointing the finger instead at the united states. looking for a new place to work? still ahead where hundreds of jobs are up for grabs in the bay area and will even help pay your grocery bill. >> if you did not like rain
6:40 pm
today i'll let you know when sunshine is coming back. if you did like the rainfall today, a couple of showers still in the south bay on high- def doppler radar. let you know when the next rain chance is all coming up in my forecast. and i'm dennis o'donnell. which san francisco giant hit ten home runs in batting practice today? that's coming up from scottsdale, arizona, in just a bit.
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other government workers will lose their jobs, if congress does not take action. tomatic, across-th president obama saying that teachers emergency responders and other government workers will lose their jobs if congress doesn't take action. automatic across-the-board spending cuts are set to take effect march 1. it's known in washington as the sequester designed to be so severe that it would force lawmakers to reach a budget deal. well, today the president called in police and firefighters to try to convince republicans to agree to a short- term fix that will at least delay the deadline. >> so these cuts are not smart. they are not fair. they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment roll. >> the white house wants a plan with smaller spending cuts and
6:44 pm
more tax increases. republicans say higher taxes should not be part of the equation. are you looking for a job? you are in luck. there are hundreds of openings in the bay area right now and you don't need any tech know- how. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts says, they will even help pay for your groceries. >> we have chocolate, cream -- >> reporter: star began working at whole foods when she was just 15. a natural career choice for this now pastry chef since her mom worked here, too. >> after school, i would come and just stay with her until she got off work. >> reporter: and before long, she began working for the retailer, which prides itself on a family atmosphere. whole foods started in 1980 with just under 20 people at its flagship store in texas. the company now boast the 73,000 employees with 400 stores and growing. >> we have 150 positions available. >> reporter: the store manager jeremiah newman says the company is on a hiring push. they are also expanding with
6:45 pm
three new bay area stores resulting in 500 new jobs. and there are plenty of employee perks like discounted groceries and company stock. while some applicants come in with specialized skills, managers say a good attitude is the primary prerequisite. for folks without a college degree, are there opportunities here to come in as an entry level employee and move up to managerial? >> yes. i started entry level. >> reporter: that entry level job turned into a successful career, a path she hopes to replicate. star began as a bagger and is moving up. where do you see yourself tenners into from now? >> hopefully being a bakery team leader. >> reporter: information on opportunities, head to well the starting wage at whole foods in san francisco is $11.25 an hour. we're calling it a mr. mixed bag today in the weather
6:46 pm
department you had everything. >> typically we get one, one day, then one the next week. mother nature is kind of kitchen sink today. >> generous. >> yeah. a little bit of everything. we have video to show everybody of everything. you were out in it probably rain south bay and small hail. this is the snowfall. look at that. we drew a line to show you above 2500 feet in elevation a couple of inches of snow know. the just a dusting. up toward mount hamilton three or four inches of snow also that much in the santa cruz mountains. sierra snowfall i have some family up at tahoe this week having a good time, fresh powder in the sierra from up 12" of snowfall there but it wasn't all good news, weather wise because we had a few tornadoes. two different -- look at that. video just in from colusa county at 2:00 out in farmland nobody injured. but two separate f-0 tornadoes touching down in northern california today. the only two tornado reports in the country were in our area over the past six or seven hours.
6:47 pm
radar clearing out. the atmosphere is calming down but now we're on the other side of the front. and it is going to get chilly. let's take a look outside. we have clear skies over san jose. you had some hail and rain earlier today. the pay lights are on on the -- bay lights are on the on the western span of the bay bridge. livermore 43. 45 san francisco and san jose. concord 44. oakland 47. many of you dropping down to the 30s overnight tonight. watch out for even temperatures coming close to freezing out toward the 680 corridor and toward napa, yountville and santa rosa. notice the huge counterclockwise swivel. that's a big upper level area of low pressure, plenty of rain and mountain snowfall. the snow level will drop down to 3,000 feet. now on the other side of the low, our source of air is coming down from canada. so the rain is gone. but the chill is going to stick around. you will get some sunshine tomorrow into the mid-50s but it won't feel that mild outside because the breeze coming down from the north and northwest. that flow of air coming from the north is not going away
6:48 pm
until sunday at the earliest so we'll have cold mornings and below normal afternoons which is still 60 which is not that bad compared to other parts of the country but we'll be below normal for the next several days. cold mornings, chilly, breezy afternoons but the rain which we could use some more rainfall, i don't see any more rainfall until saturday now that this rainfall is moving out. highs tomorrow about 8 degrees below average for san jose, 5 degrees below normal for concord. that equates to 57 degrees. milpitas 56 tomorrow. partly sunny in palo alto 56 degrees. danville, antioch, pittsburg, fairfield mid- to upper 50s. partly sunny skies richmond, alameda, oakland, mill valley and sausalito tomorrow mid to upper 50s there. so we'll get closer to 60, less wind on thursday, 60 friday, then take a step back on the weekend. so a chill in the air for the
6:49 pm
next several days. let'ssports is next.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
i've hit ya first with boxing... ...but local product, robert "the ghost" guerre with a shot of a i can count on one hand the number of times i have hit you with boxing but a local product robert the ghost guerrero hit the lottery with a shot of a lifetime. gilroy's own is going to fight
6:52 pm
the biggest name in the sport today, floyd money mayweather. yeah! may 4 in vegas. look at the tale of the tape. guerrero is younger. mayweather puts his unbeaten record on the line in his first fight since spending two months in prison last summer. i talked to his people today. a visit to kpix 5 is pending. yeah. >> how good is it for giants outfielder angel pagan? he wins a world series, gets a new four-year $40 million contract in arizona dennis o'donnell has more on the giants leadoff man. >> reporter: thank you, vern. hello everybody from scottsdale. shortly after winning the world series, the giants turn their focus on angel pagan giving the centerfielder a four-year $40 million contract. pagan wants stability for his family the giants want stability at the top of the batting order. brian sabean was all smiles at
6:53 pm
a gathering of general managers in phoenix. everything he touches turns to gold. or in this case, retouches. the trade of andres torres for angel pagan was about as one- sided as a globetrotter's game against the new jersey generals. >> i think the chemistry is the most important thing in this clubhouse and everybody gets along really well here. everybody that you see around us is very good people and it's good to have. >> reporter: in a ballpark long thought to be a pitcher's friend, pagan tore it up. 38 doubles in a major league- leading 15 three baggers. forget triple sally. it should be renamed pagan power path. >> because of the ballpark's dimensions, i had the right mentality to get to the gap think of the middle and get on base and that's the mentality i had. >> reporter: pagan didn't stop with the bat. he shed his reputation as hey shaky outfielder leading the national league in total chances this one of baseball's
6:54 pm
toughest parks. now comes something even tougher. repeating as world champs. >> a lot of people think that we got lucky and we are going to prove that we won because we got talent and we know how to play. that's going to be our main goal here. we are not the favorite and that's a good thing for us. we got to keep moving people around that we got a good talent here and repeat. >> reporter: it seems like an annual rite of spring to bring up pablo sandoval's weight issue but today at batting practice, sandoval put on the best show of camp so far. i counted 10 home runs during bp and when i asked him if he knew how many he hit, he responded, hey, i don't count 'em, i just hit 'em. >> i feel in shape. i'm going to keep doing my job. >> i think it's fair to say he has to shed a few which he will. >> reporter: reporting in scottsdale, i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. vern, back
6:55 pm
to you. all right. breslin center michigan state crazyies versus topped ranked indiana and the okey-doke in bounds play. indiana beats michigan state 72- 68. pretty play. golf, the pga stop at riviera last week not big enough for tiger woods. instead he hit the links with the commander-in-chief, president obama. >> yeah. he calls up and said hey, tiger, you want to play? >> he does not. [ laughter ] >> okay. uhm, no. it's uhm, obviously there is a process that's involved and, uhm, i was invited to play. and it was an invitation that certainly you don't turn down. >> yeah. i would say. can you imagine having him on speed dial? >> no. >> call him up right now. >> guess he passed a background check. >> guess so. >> when you're playing and there's an issue with
6:56 pm
somebody's game does tiger say, mr. president, you want to change your grip? >> sure. >> kick it back to the fairway. nobody will see. it's a mulligan! captions by: caption colorado licensed phone-ups ble 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
6:57 pm
[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
6:58 pm
[ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, olier family. how you doing? good. how's everybody doing? thank you all for coming. thank you very much. thank you very much. heh heh. hey. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. you know what? we got another good one for you today. boy, have i got a family for you. returning for the third day already with a total $40,000, from seattle, washington, it's the kline family. and then my folks from crown
6:59 pm
point, indiana, it's the olier family. >> olier! steve: come on! let's go! give me connie, give me allyson. let's go. ladies, here we go. top 8 answers on the board. name something you hope doesn't happen when you're in a sauna. allyson? >> you fall asleep. steve: you fall asleep. connie? >> that you pass out. steve: you pass out. pass or play? they're gonna play. >> we're gonna play! steve: connie, you know what? you do pretty good at the challenge round. >> yeah. i'm ok up there. steve: you are. you're a good player when it comes to that but today is gonna be the breakthrough game. connie's gonna get an answer on the board. >> yes!


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